Christmas Greetings From All Over The World

23. 12. 2011

This year I ran a little contest in an international forum. The task was to post pictures that represent the „personal Christmas“ of each user. I’m very happy that so many people joined the contest. And it was so much fun to see what Christmas looks like in different countries and on various continents.
At this point I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated. You were fantastic and it was so much fun to talk to you all and to get to know the story behind each picture! I hope you enjoyed the time we had as much as I did.


~ Merry Christmas To All Of You ~

And A Happy New Year 2012!


Below are the results of the contest:

 A big thank you to Luvlybreze who did show us how beautiful Beirut(Lebanon) can be at this time of year (originally she’s from Australia, but went on holiday to Beirut):




FleurNoire (from the Netherlands) visited the T-Room in Berlin last year and took a lot of delicious recipes home:




My fellow German Hyazinth submitted a very personal picture from her childhood. A photo taken on the Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin 1983 (search her to the right^^):




The next picture is from my friend Shibo84. A typical scene in her mother’s living room around Christmas: Gift wrapping:


Plum also comes from Germany and her picture shows the famous Christmas Market in Dresden called Striezelmarkt (I want to go there NOW XD):


This Christmas tree has a special meaning for Sabishisa for this year she and her family finally moved together in an apartment. Hope you will have a great time Sabishisa  :)

Expert_Fieldmouse took this picture outside her house in Canada. No lights, no real Christmas feeling!
Delicate’s Christmas tree is also a very special one since it’s the first Christmas in her new home together with her 9 months old baby daughter:
Bishojo made me happy, because she submitted pictures from Florida, US, yay! The first picture shows her boyfriend’s parents Christmas tree. The next one a palm or how she calls it: A natural FL Christmas tree. The last one is a shot of the Chick-Fil-A  – a fastfood chain if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong^^)




Maya went to Walt Disney World in Florida. The pictures were taken in the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Thank God it was’t crowded at this time of year :)


Gingerbread House:




Turokaiis a real artist! She made this awesome sculpture out of snow! Amazing. A Christmas unicorn^^ The people in the background are two local boys with whom she later had a massive snowball fight 😉
And finally here are my pictures.
The first one was taken on a local Christmas Market. I love all the small things and sweets that are sold here. Esspecially the gingerbread hearts. They don’t taste very good, but it looks great if so many come together at one point. And if you get such a heart with a little saying made of frosting from your friend or sweetheart, you’ll be happy :)


For the second one my boyfriend and I arranged all things that are typical for our Christmas: Christmas tree branches, a „Paradiesapfel“ (sugar coated apple), „Glühwein“ (hot spiced wine), lots of presents and lights/candles represented by the lantern. 

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